Why Become a Sponsor? 

ICAB’s membership is almost 2,000 strong, comprising approximately 1,045 chartered accountants and 830 registered students, who span every adult age demographic.  Accountants’ Week   attracts both members and non-members of ICAB, and last year’s Week had approximately 800 attendees spread across the various events, including approximately 440 at the flagship event for the Week – the Annual Conference .  This year will mark the first time that Accountants’ Week is being held virtually, and it is anticipated that the events will have an even larger attendance based on the easier accessibility and flexibility of the online format, which will allow persons the option of participating from their homes, their offices and even on the go, using their phones and other mobile devices.

Sponsorship of Accountants’ Week 2020  will provide your organisation with exposure not only to key decision makers in business, the public sector, and academia, but also to young professionals at the start of their career.  Partnership with ICAB, as the national professional organisation for accountants in Barbados, will also demonstrate your support and contribution to the finance and accounting profession.

With more web-based activities and the introduction of a Mobile App, the new format will also afford you and your organisation more opportunities to showcase your products and services not only at the actual events themselves but in the weeks leading up to and after the events. The ability to easily deliver handouts and other promotional materials digitally will also result in significant cost savings for you, compared to more traditional distribution methods.  In addition, the online platform being used to host this year’s events makes it easy to more accurately track the attendees to your Virtual Booth and to quantify the number of leads generated as a result of sponsorship of the Week.

Sponsorship packages a range from having Virtual Sponsors’ Booths and product/coupon giveaways to having Banner Ads, Branded Waiting Rooms and opportunities to provide speakers and have short videoes shown at events.  Our online platform is easy to navigate, however should you need assistance, we will work along with our technical support team to assist you in setting up virtual profiles, understanding the various features that can be used to maximise your participation and/or in tailoring Sponsorship packages to suit your needs.