ICAB Virtual Conference FAQs 

1.  What is Whova?  

  • Whova is a virtual event hosting platform on which ICAB’s Annual Conference 2020 will be held. You can learn more about the Whova virtual event hosting platform  here.
  • The app provides both desktop and mobile app where ICAB’s Annual Conference 2020 attendees are able to:
    • View their conference agenda
    • Attend and participate in both pre-recorded and live conference sessions through a video conferencing app
    • Meet and network with other attendees
    • Pose questions and discussions to organisers or attendees

2.  How do I get to ICAB’s Annual Conference 2020?

  • All registered attendees will be added to the appLook out for a notification email via Whova inviting you to download the Whova Mobile Application on both IOS/Android dedicated to the ICAB Annual Conference and to complete your profile.
  • If you don’t have access to Whova by Wednesday November 11, 2020 please email conference@icab.bb.
  • Desktop - The Whova web app does not need to be installed. You may access it in a web browser. Please try using a different browser if you are having trouble accessing the web app - https://whova.com/web/icaba_202011/
  • Mobile - The Whova mobile app is an additional access point and may optionally be downloaded via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • To download the app - https://whova.com/portal/icaba_202011/

Get our official conference app,

Get the most out of the app and have a more productive experience!


NAVIGATE the event agenda and logistics, even without Wi-Fi or data. Access useful information like ridesharing and local attractions through the Community Board


NETWORK effectively. Plan whom to meet by exploring attendee profiles and sending out messages


PARTICIPATE in event activities through session likes, comments, ratings, live polling, tweeting, and more

For Blackberry or Windows Phone,Click here
For feature details, visit Whova


3.  What’s the difference between the mobile app and desktop app?

  • On the mobile app it is easier to find talks, add items to your agenda, networking via the community boards, watch videos or webinars and receive communication from organisers and attendees.
  • The desktop app is better for zoom communication when you need/want to use a desktop/laptop webcam and videos will be larger on the desktop app

4.  What are the technical requirements to participate?

  • In order to access Whova, the virtual event platform, you will need a device that can support either the Whova web app (computer, laptop) or mobile app (smartphone, tablet). You will also need to connect to the internet.

5.  How do I ask a question or make a comment during a live session?

  • During a live session, there will be three tabs on the right-hand side of the screen: Session Q&A, Chat, and Community. You can ask questions in the Session Q&A tab and make comments in the Chat tab. You can even vote for your favorite question and the speaker may answer questions with the most likes.

6.  Will there be networking?

  • Yes! Whova facilitates great networking opportunities on both the website and mobile app versions. You can network through an active community board, a virtual business card exchange, and even private chat with individual attendees.

7.  Are the sessions being recorded and if so when can I watch the recording back?

  • We are recording all content from this event and will email you a link and password to access these recordings at a date to be determined.

8.  What if I have technical issues?

  • If you are experiencing technical issues with Whova, you can email any technical questions to conference@icab.bb or post your question in the app for assistance during the event.

9.  Where can I find more information about Whova?